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Home Safes

Choosing a home safe depends on the type of content you want to store, a place for the installation, budget, number of users and many other parameters. In the simplest case, the customer is guided by the requirements of the insurance company. The best way to select a suitable safe from dozens of options offered is choosing the product series first. It's recommended to meet or talk to one of our professional consultants.

Among the various series of home safes you'll find electronic, mechanical and combined safes of different sizes and weights.

Safe series A

The series includes safes in different sizes, which are suitable for home use. All models meet the requirements of the insurance companies for personal belongings storage. These safes are equipped with a "smart" electronic mechanism, designed by JSH. The mechanism is activated by a personal code composed of six digits, or by a personal magnetic card.

Model MBLModel A-205Model A-380
Model A-405Model A-405(+)Model A-505

Safe series B

Safe series B is suitable in case of need for increased protection for the representatives. The safes are made of solid steel, include a U door-frame and a recessed door. All parts are tightly connected with prongs and welded for additional strength. The valves have a 45 degree angle and reinforced with steel.

Model B-280Model B-280(+)Model B-450
Model B-600Model B-600(+)

Safe Series C

Safe Series C - safe models for home storage. Dimensions of these models meet the common standards and combine electronic protection mechanism with an attractive price.

Model CA-25Model CA-45Model CB-25
Model CB-45

Safe Series D

Safe Series D is the company's core series and includes models developed using a unique method for a particularly high level of protection. D-Series models are made of thick steel plates and mixed concrete, with a recessed door and alloyed latches. Thus, these safes are considered the most secure.

Model D-400Model D-500Model D-700
Model D-1000Model D-1300

BK/BCK Series

BK and BCK Series are designed and engineered under the quality control of JSH Security Industries Ltd. and meet the requirements of insurance companies in Israel and worldwide. These safes are unique due to reliability and ease of use and can be closed with a key, accept the BCK models, which are also equipped with a UL standard code lock.

Model BK-250Model BK-300Model BK-450
Model BK-575Model BCK-450Model BCK-575

Safe Series W

Safe Series W presents various models of wall safes with an efficient protection provided through hidden installation. This series includes both mechanical and digital safes, which are installed on concrete in a vault specially prepared by the client or by a contractor.

Model W-200Model W-300Model W-101
Model W-404

Safe Series RS

Click here for more detailsSafe Series RS concreted massive safes. The series is designed in accordance with the C1 standard and meet the most stringent requirements of all insurance companies, the Ministry of Defense and the police. This series products can be custom made (size, type of mechanism, wall thickness, etc.).

Model RS-50Model RS-55Model RS-65
Model RS-70Model RS-100

Different safes

Besides the safes listed on the site, often arises a need in safes for various needs, such as keys storage, gun storage, files storage etc.

Model BOOK-1Model BOOK-2Model CAR
Model Key-48Model G-170
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