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Office Safes

Offices, both private and public, often require safes to store folders, finances, media, personal developments and so on. In addition to the storage and unauthorized access prevention functions, the safe should be effective and easily accessible to the owner. Our company provides a high quality solution and produces special models featuring maximum efficiency and safety. Among the different office safes series you will find reinforced cabinets for documents and electric safes in various sizes and colors. These safes can be used for laptops, A4 files, money, contracts, technological developments etc.

The content type will determine whether additional protection, such as fireproof and fire resistance for magnetic data is needed. 

Safe series A

Safe series A is suitable for office use and can be used for storing documents, money, confidential business information and so on. These electronic safes are equipped with a convenient protection mechanism. Shutter mechanism includes an electric motor, clutch and a steel pin. This sophisticated locking system, ensures efficiency in protecting the safe.

Model MBLModel A-205Model A-380
Model A-405Model A-405(+)Model A-505

Safe Series SF

SF models are used mainly by private enterprises and institutions. They are designed for documents storage and provide fire resistance for 60-90 minutes. Such safe is actually a special cabinet, consisting of a number of drawers (depending on the model). Each drawer is suitable for storing A4 size documents and can withstand weight up to 100 kg.

Model SF-2Model SF-3Model SF-4

Safe series Key

Key Series was designed to store keys in business facilities, public institutions and offices. Unlike the competitors who mainly offer key lockers - JSH offers an electronic safe, which allows to keep track of 99 recent actions, such as - safe opening and closing, data, time and the names of people performing the actions.

Model Key-48Model Key-100Model Key-250

Safe series B

All safes in the B series are made of solid steel, with a U door-frame and a recessed door for an enhanced protection. All parts are tightly connected with prongs and welded for additional strength. The lock system is digital and promotes ease of use. The safes can also be fastened to the floor, wall or a cart, depending on the model, or in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Model B-280Model B-280(+)Model B-450
Model B-600Model B-600(+)

Safe series W

Our Wall Safes are considered the most advanced in the world due to their installation method. Safes in this series are set with concrete and thus become an integral part of the wall or floor. The thickness of the wall or floor must be at least 20 cm.

Model W-200Model W-300Model W-101
Model W-404

Safe Series D

D Series is suitable mainly for businesses, offices and industrial facilities. This is company's flagship series and is evaluated with five stars according to the protection systems evaluation. The safe is equipped with enhanced content protection options and with a unique mechanism, which blocks the safe if an excessive force is used.

Model D-400Model D-500Model D-700
Model D-1000Model D-1300

Safe Series RS

The series is Manufactured in accordance with the C1 standard and meets the stringent requirements of the police. These safes are made of thick steel plates with mixed concrete filling. Additional protective features - recessed door, heavy steel axes, drilled holes for alarm installation, thick walls, U door frame, electronic mechanism or any combination of the features.

Model RS-50Model RS-55Model RS-65
Model RS-70Model RS-100

BK and BCK Series

Safes presented in this series are suitable for office and home use. They are comfortable for storing personal belongings. These safes are designed and engineered under the quality control of JSH Security Industries Ltd. They are closed with a key or a code lock, depending on the model.

Model BK-250Model BK-300Model BK-450
Model BK-575Model BCK-450Model BCK-575
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