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Premium Safes (Five Stars Safes)

This safes have various levels of protection, including simple safes that are easy to break into and, on the other hand - safes, equipped with the most effective protection system. The "Premium" safes made by JSH are evaluated with five stars according to the protection systems evaluation and contain a large amount of security features, such as a drilling protection cell, glass traps, double valves, recessed door, U door-frame, steel bridges, reinforced door and other features, which make it virtually impossible to break into. Thus, these safes provide the best possible protection.

Safe Series D

"Premium" Series is considered one of the company's flagship series of products. These safes are built using multiple protection features against burglary. Those models are designed to provide protection at a highest professional level and are suitable for businesses, government agencies and for individual use.

Model D-400Model D-500Model D-700
Model D-1000Model D-1300

Safe series B

The series manufactured in Israel and suitable for businesses and individuals users. All safes are made of solid steel, featuring a recessed door and U door-frame for increased protection. All parts are tightly connected with prongs and welded for additional strength. The latches have a 45 degree angle and reinforced with steel.

Model B-280Model B-280(+)Model B-450
Model B-600Model B-600(+)
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