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Heavy Safes

The weight of the safe plays an important role. Insurance companies, in most cases, will indicate the weight of the safe according to the type of the content. The most common requirements - safe weighing 13 kg or more for personal weapons, 51 kg or more for personal belongings, 250-330 kg for use in jewelry stores etc. Massive safes can range from 100 kg and up to a weight of 2-3 tons.

The weight of the safe is, of course, not the only indicator of the quality of protection and there are additional factors that should be taken in account. However, weight is very important and seriously complicates burglary attempts. Series D and RS provide high quality solutions in terms of weight and additional protection. These are considered flagship series produced by the company. All safes are manufactured in Israel.

Safe Series RS

RS Safes Series - concreted massive safes made in Israel. The series is designed in accordance with the C1 standard, which meets the requirements of all the insurance companies, the Ministry of Defense and the Police. Safe is constructed using thick steel plates and mixed concrete filling. Thus, this safes are particularly strong and massive.

Model RS-50Model RS-55Model RS-65
Model RS-70Model RS-100

Safe Series D

The safes are designed using a special method and have a high protection level, which is suitable for the business sector, government agencies and for individual users. The weight of the safes in this series - 100 kg and above. All safes meet the requirements of the Israeli insurance companies and are manufactured using innovative technologies.

Model D-400Model D-500Model D-700
Model D-1000Model D-1300
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